Job vacancy at Progenus (Belgium)

Open position

Job title: Chemist/Biochemist


Coming from academic research, Progenus has three departments: R&D, kits, and laboratory services. At Progenus, we believe in innovation and are highly oriented towards high level research for our customers. Therefore, we offer a full range of services to our partners for DNA research, from the development of a simple test to a complete research project. Based on its R&D department, Progenus also develops and sells its own DNA analysis kits for the detection of animals, plants, and microorganisms. Progenus is located in Namur surroundings, 50km south of Brussels

Job description

As part of the young and dynamic R&D team, you participate in research projects that aim to design and develop new tests based on the aptamer technology under the supervision of the Scientific director. Your role is to perform innovative laboratory analyses, interpret the results obtained and propose a development strategy.

Education and experience

-You have a master degree or a PhD in chemistry or biochemistry

-You have experience in the field of DNA and aptamers

-You have experience in LFD and/or in ELISA test

-Knowledges  in SPR, ITC, NMR , Raman is an advantage

-You are motivated by a new challenge

-You are creative, innovative, autonomous, and critical

-You can work in a team

-You can communicate your results internally

-You are fluent in English or in French


Permanent contract

Send your application and CV to

Rue Camille Hubert 7A | 5032 Gembloux | BELGIUM

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