A Message From Dr Shigdar

Dear Aptamers 2020V Attendee,

On behalf of the INSOAP team, we thank you so much for attending our first virtual Aptamer Symposium. Other than couple of technical issues, it ran smoothly and I hope you all enjoyed attending virtually. It was great to hear about all the research being conducted around the world and to see the results from long run projects as well as results from PhD students. It was also great to have some discussions on troubleshooting and optimising experiments, especially for our ‘younger’ students. Experiments don’t always work when they should and I’ve had many a conversation around what ‘room temperature’ actually means for molecular techniques. We have had discussions at the conference in previous years and I wonder if we should have a round table discussion at the next conference on this. We have encouraged technical papers be submitted to the Aptamers Journal and continue to recommend publishing some of these tips for troubleshooting and optimising experiments with aptamers.

We are currently in the process of writing our newsletter, which we hope to send out in November. In light of the ongoing pandemic, we are going to focus much of the edition on Covid-19, aptamers, and the impact it has had on all of us. It has been a tough year for many, with beloved colleagues, friends, and family succumbing to the disease. There have been many tears shed for all of those we have lost as we remember their lives and the impact they have had on us. We thought that, rather than have an interview with a researcher in this edition, we would include your stories, how the pandemic has affected your lives and your research. Please share your stories with us, whether good or bad, and we will publish as many as we can in the newsletter. For me, as for many others, I have been working from home since March and so I’ve been getting quite close to the Corvids that fly in to my garden every day while working on papers. If you would like to highlight some of your research please let us know and we will also include that. As we are looking at a November release, please get in touch by 30th October.




Dr Sarah Shigdar BSc(Hons), GCertHigherEd., MSc, PhD

Senior Lecturer in Medical Science

Course Director: Medical Biotechnology & Infection and Immunity

School of Medicine, Faculty of Health

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