Aptamers 2017 Oxford – Final Agenda, Updates and Deadlines

Aptamers 2017 OXFORD | 11th- 12th April 2017 | St Hilda’s College | Oxford, UK | Still time to submit a poster | Early registration to end soon

Web: http://libpubmedia.co.uk/aptamers-2017
Twitter: @AptamerSociety, #AptaOx17
Email: AptamersOxford@gmail.com


Poster Abstracts: 20 March 2017
Register 4-for-3: Any time
Registration fee will increase on 20th March 2017.
Normal Registration Date is 20 March 2017. Register now to benefit from lower registration fees.

Two days of excellent science and networking
~25 speakers from academia and industry
Trade exhibition and posters

Our fourth Oxford symposium on aptamers, Aptamers 2017, is designed to bring together academic and industrial aptamer researchers and solution providers. The symposium will address therapeutic, diagnostic, analytical as well as basic research applications of aptamers and invites oral and poster abstracts. We particularly encourage final year doctoral students and early/mid-career postdoctoral researchers/junior group leaders to submit abstracts, as we believe this event will provide their research an excellent exposure, critical analysis by attending senior researchers and new career opportunities. Please contact us on AptamersOxford@gmail.com, should you require any further information.

Aptamers 2017 will be co-hosted with our 3rd symposium on antisense and therapeutic oligonucleotides, Oligo 2017, on 10th April.

Register online at: http://libpubmedia.co.uk/aptamers-2017/register-online/

Submit an Abstract at: http://libpubmedia.co.uk/aptamers-2017/submit-an-abstract/

We look forward to welcoming you to Oxford.

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