INSOAP Newsletter March 2019

The 7th issue of INSOAP Newsletter March 2019 is out! Our special thanks to Dr Sarah Shigdar and Maureen McKeague for all their hard work.

We welcome contributions from the society’s members for future issues of the INSOAP Times. If you have any questions please get in touch with us at (INSOAP) or (Dr Sarah Shigdar). Happy reading!

Aptamers – The official journal of the International Society on Aptamers is currently accepting manuscripts on all aspects of aptamer research.

The journal has now moved to it dedicated web portal:

Executive Editors:

Professor Dr Ulrich HAHN, University of Hamburg, Germany
Dr Sarah SHIGDAR, Deakin University, Australia
Dr Julian TANNER, University of Hong Kong, PR China

Associate Editor: Dr Maureen McKEAGUE, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Managing Editor: Dr Muhammad SOHAIL, University of Oxford, United Kingdom


Join the Journal Editorial Board and the Reviewers Panel on the following link: